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The Keurig Rivo vs. The Mr. Coffee ECMP1000 – which one is better sub $200 Espresso Machine?


This article is completely filled with my opinion as an owner of both of these best espresso machine under $200, so if you think that I’ll be supporting one side while giving bad compliments about the other, you can leave if you want to, because that’s not why I wrote this article. So with that sorted out, I’ll start.


This comparison is aimed for people who like both of these machines and are skeptical as to which one is better for them. If you are one of them, then you’ve come to the right place! This small guide will dig deep into all the different factors of both machines, and will actively compare both of them, so that you will get a sure idea of which one is for you.

Basic Design Of These Sub $200 Espresso Machines

First of all, let’s talk about the basic design. The Keurig Rivo and Mr. Coffee are both made of stainless steel, so both are equal in this case. However, the Mr. Coffee has a larger variety of colors than the Rivo, and is smaller and more compact.

How Do These Home Espresso Machines Function ?

The second thing is the functionality; the Keurig Rivo uses capsules or pods to make coffee, while the Mr. Coffee uses grounded beans, so this one is a tie for everyone. Why? If you are a fan of trying something different every time, then the Keurig Rivo wins this, but if you want to save money and can’t afford a $1 capsule for each drink, then the Mr. Coffee wins for you. To be completely honest with you, I use both from time to time, as sometimes I myself get bored from drinking the same coffee type over and over again.

Special Coffee Making Features ?

The next is the additional features. Both machines are equal in this case, as both of them have some unique features the other doesn’t have. For example, the Keurig Rivo can brew the coffee and froth the milk side by side, while the Mr. Coffee can automatically froth the milk using preset settings. The Keurig Rivo has 3 coffee presets, while the Mr. Coffee has a One Touch Panel with different options.

Espresso Machine Prices and Offers

The last and final is the price. The Mr. Coffee comes with a price tag of $132, while the Keurig Rivo is less expensive, and comes in a price range of $109. The good thing for me was that I bought both of them for $100 during Black Friday sales, and the best thing is that I use both from time to time, so you can say that both of them aren’t just lying around in my kitchen.

Foot Note…

Overall, both machines are good in their respective areas of expertise, but if you ask me, I recommend you get the Keurig Rivo so that you can have a different type of coffee every time!