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The Best Knife For The Best Meals

Owning the best kitchen knife always make me feel like a champion. For a fact, I always feel heroic whenever I purchase one. As much as it may seem awkward, that is who I am, I am an undisputed quality enthusiast when it comes to having the best kitchen equipment. I read a whole lot of acclaimed kitchen knife set review 2017 articles and I find that there are some bad ones. Like really horrible reviews. But once in awhile I find amazing ones. This made me intrigued enough to try a shot at my own kitchen knife review article.

Why Do You Need The Best Kitchen Knife Or Knife Set

Having the best knife is like having a highly capable off-road four-wheel drive truck on a muddy terrain. Sometimes, things get tough in the kitchen, and only a tough cook, with tough kitchenware can get going.

I have come to learn that a knife is not only a chopping and slicing machine, but is also a determinant of how tasteful your food will be. I am a pro when it comes to kitchen matters, I therefore assure you that with the best recipe but with the worst knife, you can make the most pathetic meal the world has ever tasted. Having the best of the best knife is therefore a must have for anyone who cares about producing the best and the most desirable results in the kitchen.

I have used almost all brands of knives in the market today throughout my career. In fact, I have almost exhausted the market. Did you notice I bragged a little bit? Anyway, I don’t brag, I share what I believe is the best for you to realize your kitchen goals. This is the knife that has proven to be my best after many tests of numerous brands;

My Top Kitchen Knife Pick For 2017

The Henckels Professional S 8-Inch Chef Knife

To be the best, you have to stand out. This knife never dispute this. Made from fully forged stainless steel with a full-tang, a bolster and a three-rivet handle, this knife not only assure me of many years of service, but also gives my kitchen that charming aesthetic characteristic that you will definitely fall in love with.

Amazing Handling On A Beautiful Knife

When I think of comfort, I think of the Henckels Professional S 8-inch Chef Knife, thanks to its balanced and comfortable handles made from a well-crafted synthetic material that resembles wood. You will be amazed to find out that I sharpened it two years ago and it is still well and running smooth. All I have to do is regular honing which is not much of a problem or inconvenience.

Good Luck Readers

Do you want to get the best knife for your kitchen? Do you want to smile all the way to your chopping board? I assure you this is the best knife to place a hefty investment on. I have never regretted owning several, you should not mind having one.

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Having Trouble Planning A “Non-Religious” Office Party?

 Do you have trouble planning your holiday office party? Do you feel that there are too many people opposing to different things that you plan such as religious issues?

Having Trouble Planning A

I am sure that this happens within many organizations and each year, everyone has something to say about what they feel would be the “best” way to celebrate the holidays. Of course, you also have people that do not celebrate the holidays as they don’t follow any religious followings and prefer not to have any religiousness tied into the celebrations.

Of of my readers asks:

Im in the process of planning a Holiday Party for my office. Its getting messyreally messy! Some people are very religious and have issues when others refer to their Christmas trees as Holiday trees. Its been going further than that and someone brought up that Secret Santa is a Christmas event and shouldn’t occur during our non-denominational party. Im not even sure what to plan for anymore, nor can I think of how to bring up these issues to those who arent aware of it.

How does one go about planning a holiday party without making people feel as though it is religious AND without making people feel as though it is doing an injustice to their religion?

My answer to this is:

What I’ve done in the past with these types of parties is to get everyone’s input on how they feel that the party would be best run, taking into account that there shouldn’t be any religious ties to it. This way, everyone will enjoy themselves and not feel that they are being ridiculed because of their religion.

If people are not in agreement to exchanging gifts, then so be it. I would tell them that it’s a nice thought, but there’s no religious ties to it. If they feel that they want to give gifts, it should be because it’s something that they want to share with the entire team, not because of religious reasons. It all depends on how everyone feels about this. You don’t want to leave anyone out.

If all else fails, tell everyone that due to the lack of consensus, you are forced to not hold a party at all. This way, the onus will not be on you, as everyone else could not make up their minds. I know that this sounds harsh, but you want to make sure you cover yourself. Remember that you are trying to do something nice for everyone and if people don’t pitch in, you can’t act Superman / Superwoman and take care of everything.